Best in town great service
Professional service, consistently quality cuts!
As a customer of Jimmy's that was in this spot for the past 4 years, they do a great job and have a great price with 5 TV screens playing sports so we don't need to stare in other dudes eyes while getting chopped up. They both can chop a mean hair cut too
Big Hit is located in the space that used to be occupied by Jimmy's barber shop. I took my son in for a haircut and Steven was his Barber. Steven was personable and professional, and gave my son one of the best haircuts he's ever had. In talking with Steven, it sounds like there are big plans for the shop and that they will fill the void for a decent barber shop in this part of town. Jimmy's was good and I hated to see him go, but it seems like Big Hit is on the right track. One of my biggest criticisms of Jimmy's was the wait times, and it sounds like Big Hit has a remedy for that situation with a larger staff. If you were a Jimmy's customer and are skeptical about going to Big Hit, don't be. It's a nice clean shop w/o the wannabe gangster vibe of The Mane or Sin City Cutz. These guys moved their business out here from Wisconsin, so show them some love and help make their business a success. They'll earn your business in just one visit if you give them a chance.
Boys here at this Barber are legit. Very customer service oriented, and highly skilled. Walked in for a simple bowl cut with fade, walked out with so much more. I wish these guys with all the best luck and success in this new venture, but based on what I've seen, luck is not needed. See y'all soon.
With the departure of Jimmy's Barbershop, I was looking for a new barber. This place fits the bill! Great cut, good company and a cool vibe. The shop is just getting started so give them a try. For 17.00 a cut you won't be disappointed! Gonna bring my sons on Saturday.
Great cut! I had both barbers one cut my hair and the other cut my sons(toddlers) hair. Both came out great. Greatest price for the best cut in Vegas. Atmosphere is great, more of a barber shop feel. As to where Jimmys everyone would sit silent on their phone. These guys get everyone talking and make the wait seem shorter.
Just randomly saw this spot when I was heading home. Needed a fresh fade so I decided to give them a try. Went in and was instantly greeted by two cool barbers. Still a new spot so it was not busy at all. Forgot his name, but one of the barbers sat me down, asked what I wanted, then got to it. He gave me a perfect fade! It was for just $17 but of course I tipped. Definitely coming back here every other week!
With Jimmy being gone, this is the only choice for a great haircut in town. These guys are awesome. They're quick too. No more waiting for hours on a haircut. Prices aren't bad either. Highly recommend going here.